My Recollections of Handsworth by Beryl

St Mary’s Church School – Mr. George telling me if I could only do my ‘math’ as well as I could swim I would be alright!  Visiting Uncle Will and Aunt Ada on Hutton Rd. Admiring Uncle Will’s prize dahlias or playing with their two tabby cats, boy and Liz.  The time Aunt Ada takes me to a little shop in Church Vale, to buy me knee socks because she didn’t like me wearing black stockings. To watch the boys having fum sliding down Crompton Rd hill on sledges in the winter. The motor boat ride on Handsworth Park pool at a Sunday school picnic and getting my dress wet.

Adcock’s garage in the Vale petrol 1 shilling a gallon - small shops on Hutton Rd – The Mission hall, the Paragon Laundry  Queuing up for penny fish suppers at Reid’s fish and Chip shop – My hand would reach the counter – but was often passed by - to the serve the adults. Devey’s Fruitier where my two little friend’s Peter and Mary Tooze lived – My poor little friend Mary died at the age of 10.

Snow sweeping – Men walking in front of cars through the fog with a torch – My mom calling our small back garden - ‘our estate’ she would take me round giving me seeds to plant -I  felt it was special– I spent many happy hours  making Hollyhock ladies, digging for a disinterred worm, then watch it cling to the earth with its head and tail.

Playing marbles down the gutters on the way home from school.  Skipping, playing whip and top, collecting cigarette cards, playing conkers and jacks - I wonder is that still done?

Cinemas – The Birchfields , the Odeon and the Aston Hippodrome.

The years have gone but the memories linger